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'"When we are no longer able to change a situation - we are challenged to change ourselves.' Viktor E. Frankl

What is Psychological Fitness Training™?

Based on lessons learned over 25 years of professional and personal experience, I developed Psychological Fitness Training ™ to build your inner psychological resources like muscles, so you can overcome challenges and achieve your goals.

Psychological Fitness Training™ teaches you 5 keys to inner conditioning:

I adapted these proven techniques into simple exercises - mostly involving specific methods of breathing and reflection - and I show you EXACTLY how to practice them to strengthen and even transform yourself at the neurobiological level.

Science has proven that we are capable of changing ourselves at the cellular level, and Psychological Fitness Training™ is designed to tap into that astonishing capacity. When you "workout" for psychological fitness on a regular basis, you build your ability to manage stress, improve your wellness and well-being, get better at rolling with the punches, gain confidence, build grit and resilience, conquer self-criticism, experience the power of emotional freedom, neutralize negativity, harness your willpower, change your habits, sharpen your focus, tap into creativity, and more - all in just minutes a day!

Why call it "Psychological Fitness"?

Physical fitness gives you the strength to carry heavy loads, the endurance to run long distances and the flexibility to avoid injury. I developed Psychological Fitness Training™ to give you the inner strength to handle life's hardships, the mental endurance to build new habits and pursue your goals, and the emotional flexibility to cope with changes and challenges.

And, even though psychological fitness doesn't make you ripped or lean like physical fitness, the changes you make when you strengthen yourself from the inside out won't be invisible. You may find that you walk taller and prouder, come off calmer, healthier and happier, and give off a more positive energy that's very attractive.

Why is Psychological Fitness so important?

Life today is challenging, and unless you're in the right psychological condition, you won't perform well, you'll have real trouble making sustainable changes and achieving your goals, and you probably won't fully enjoy your life. I often say that trying to make changes in your life or achieve your goals without a foundation of psychological fitness is like planting seeds on concrete.

On the other hand, the good news is that the same tools and strategies we can use to overcome our challenges can also help us achieve our goals, enjoy our lives, perform our best and thrive. These are the tools and strategies you learn to practice with Psychological Fitness Training™. And the best news of all is that they're all skills that are easy to learn and within your reach!

So the bottom line is that if you want to change yourself, your life, or the world, if you're not fulfilling your potential at work or at home, if you've been stressed, stuck or stagnating, or if you simply feel unfulfilled even though your life looks great "on paper", building your psychological fitness is important!

How do I know if I could benefit from building my psychological fitness?

If your answer is yes to any of these questions, you could benefit from building psychological fitness:

  • Have you struggled trying to accomplish your goals, or to make sustainable changes in your lifestyle?

  • Could you use more confidence, better focus, or more willpower?

  • Would you like to bounce back from set-backs more easily, and to handle life's curve balls with less struggle?

  • Do you want to stop avoiding the scary stuff that always seems to get between you and your goals?

  • Would you like to have tools to help you manage troublesome thoughts and emotions?

  • Do you want to stop sweating the small stuff?

  • Do you suffer from stress related physical or emotional problems or do you have trouble sleeping?

  • Do you sometimes feel like you're living on autopilot - like your life is passing by without you?

  • Do you want to experience more joy and happiness, and to learn how to appreciate the little things?

  • Are you grappling with a challenge and want better tools for coping?

  • Have you been disappointed in yourself for repeating old patterns and reacting in unhelpful ways, and would you like the freedom to make new and more effective choices?

  • Are you ready to start a new chapter in your life, to take better care of yourself, or are you a late-bloomer who’s finally ready to flourish?

  • Are you curious about breathwork, mindfulness, positivity, or compassion but don't know how to integrate these proven and powerful practices into your life in a sustainable way?

How quickly will I begin seeing results?

I want to be realistic with you, you're not going to be transformed overnight. That’s now how it works with any kind of fitness. But just like the first step in running a marathon is taking a walk around the block, you will get psychologically fit when you integrate these simple practices into your daily routine, and your life will improve in important and obvious ways, and also in small and surprising ways.

There is one change you may experience immediately, and it is profoundly important. As soon as you commit to building your psychological fitness, you have taken control of yourself and your life. That knowledge alone has been shown to increase confidence, determination, and resilience - and it feels amazing!

How can I start building my psychological fitness today?

You can start building your psychological fitness today by signing up for my 6 Weeks to Psychological Fitness online bootcamp. Learn more by clicking here. 

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