Michelle Marks PhD
Licensed Psychologist | Creator of Psychological Fitness Training ™

Psychological Fitness Training ™ is the simple and practical way for you to build the 

psychological strength, flexibility and power you need to thrive in a challenging world

Here's how it works:

Research in psychology has identified 5 keys to growth, change, and emotional freedom:

self-care | stress-management | mindfulness | positivity | compassion

These are the strategies that build psychological fitness.

We need psychological fitness to grow and thrive, and to deal with the stuff that life throws at us.

Without it we stay stuck, stagnate, even wither - and life becomes harder than it needs to be.

Based on over 20 years of professional and personal experience,I developed Psychological Fitness Training ™

to translate these proven strategies into simple exercises that build your psychological resources like

muscles, so you can overcome challenges and get what you want from yourself and your life.

With my flagship online training program, Foundations of Psychological Fitness,

I give you the tools to manage stress, improve your wellness and well-being, roll with the punches, gain confidence,

build grit and resilience, conquer self-criticism, experience the power of emotional freedom, neutralize negativity,

harness your willpower, change your habits, sharpen your focus, and even more - all in just 15 minutes a day!

The psychological fitness you cultivate works like a gentle tailwind as you masterfully take life on.

Stop battling headwinds and start thriving today!

Foundations of Psychological Fitness is a 6-week guided training program that gives you the tools

to cultivate psychological fitness, and shows you how to make a habit of using them!

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